18 Comments to “VFP apps on Android and iPhone?”

  1. Lilliana Breidenthal

    Jun 11th, 2011

    Found your site on Bing…Great post! I look forward to reading more from your site.

  2. Derek

    Aug 31st, 2011

    There is a way to port your visual foxpro desktop app to Android. Check out this in the Android Market Take a look at “Cellica Database for Android” https://market.android.com/details?id=com.DB.android.WWDBViewerPlus.WDBViewerPlus

  3. Eric

    Sep 13th, 2011

    Interesting product, Derek, I’ll check it out.

    Follow up: I’ll be speaking at the Southwest Fox (www.swfox.net) in Phoenix this October, 2011, about this very topic.

  4. oJe

    Sep 14th, 2011

    I’m also interested on this matter…
    count me in.

    cheers! and good luck!

  5. Derek

    Oct 6th, 2011

    Did you check out this software? I haven’t bought it yet but it looks promising.

  6. Jimmy Ho

    Feb 2nd, 2012

    The screen resolution and the processor speed of a smartphone is very much comparable with a Pentium PC running Windows 98. I wonder if anyone has developed anything like an xBASE engine on Android. If so, porting an xBASE form to Android should not be difficult, as the screen resolution is very much the same.

  7. Eric

    Feb 3rd, 2012

    If you wanted to go that route, Android has ‘sqlite’ built in, so the database part would be easy (relatively). The trick would be building an interpreter for the language.

  8. raju

    Feb 25th, 2012

    wants to run my foxpro 2.6 app on android

  9. lexicon

    Apr 18th, 2012

    Successfully running Foxpro 2.6 in Android, by using DOS emulator, ADosBox.
    A bit slow, but all module is working perfectly.

    For keyboard layout that need support Function Keys (F1-F12) you can use Hacker’s Keyboard for Android

  10. Namrata

    Aug 31st, 2012

    Want to run my vfp 6 app on adroid which has ole excel calls also. Is it possible?

  11. Alex

    Oct 5th, 2012

    @Eric: I’ve found a DBF file reader for MAC OS, you might take a look at: https://github.com/davbeck/DBF-Reader but still looking for a iOS version

  12. George

    Jul 16th, 2013

    @Derek: Thank you for pointing out towards Cellica Database for android. This is such a nice product. I can now have my Visual foxpro database with me on my smartphone. We are testings its multi user version and my manager is quite impressed with it.


    May 15th, 2015

    iam needed visual foxpro portable do it in android


    May 15th, 2015

    Iam need visual foxpro portable for acces in android system

  15. Eric

    May 18th, 2015


    Check out the Cecilia product mentioned above if you want to read/write FoxPro tables from an Android app.


    Your VFP code won’t run on Android, but you could get a remote desktop tool to run your apps or write a new U/I in either a web app or native.

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    Mar 6th, 2017

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  17. prakash

    Mar 27th, 2017

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