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  • Fox on the Run (pdf): How to develop mobile apps using PhoneGap, WestWind, and Visual FoxPro Data
  • Fox on the Run II (pdf): Strategies for taking those mobile apps off-line and keep the data in sync
  • Will the Circle Be Unbroken (pdf): Continuous Integration with Visual FoxPro (pdf): Improve and automate your development lifecycle
  • Flip the Switch (pdf): An introduction to Visual Studio Lightswitch for VFP Developers
  • Extending Web Apps using Visual FoxPro (pdf): Using cUrl and LibCurl to access web services from Visual FoxPro
  • Testing our SQL Server Backends (pdf): Using tSQLt to create unit tests for SQL Server databases
  • The Amazing VFP2C32 Library (pdf): Have the entire Windows API at your disposal
  • SSMS for Developers (pdf): Tips and Tricks for using SSMS
  • OneNote to Rule Them All: Introduction to OneNote and the OneNote API
  • FoxUnit in Depth: A comprehensive look at the unit testing tool for Visual FoxPro

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FoxRockX Articles

  • Test Driven Development, After the Fact (Unit Testing your existing class libraries)
  • String.Format() for VFP
  • FoxUnit in DepthFind FoxRockX articles here.