Category: Hardware

  • Finding iPhone Serial Number (Even if it’s locked)

    I sit here with 30 iPhones that need to be responsibly disposed of (recycled). They’re unlabeled, and have tiny IMEI numbers on the back that have no correlation to the serial number we (may, but sometimes don’t) have in our inventory of them. They’re no longer under MDM, so I need to inspect each of […]

  • The Stuff of Nightmares, Part 2

    Things are looking very grim, and I appear to have lost over 40 hours of work due to a perfect storm (as described in Part 1). I feel physically ill. When I log back in I see a notification on my toolbar that says “HP SimpleSave is running”. Oh…that’s right I have this utility that’s […]

  • The Stuff of Nightmares

    Last night I finished (as much as one can ever say anything is “finished”) my Southwest Fox 2016 Whitepapers. Southwest Fox is unique in that speakers must also write whitepapers to accompany their sessions, which is fantastic for attendees as they walk away with hundreds of well-written pages about all of the topics rather than […]

  • Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook

    I was recently fortunate enough to receive a review copy of “Appcelerator Titanium Smartphone App Development Cookbook” by Boydlee Pollentine from Packt Publishing. This book was timely for me as I’m seeing a lot of interest by my clients in mobile development. You see, a lot of them have their applications (some of which I […]

  • VFP apps on Android and iPhone?

    A few times lately I’ve been asked if we could have an Android or iPhone version of our custom Visual FoxPro application. Of course the quick answer is “No,” because there is not and never will be a mobile version of Visual FoxPro (though it probably runs on Windows CE, but ugh). I’ve spent some […]

  • My So-Called Laptop

    Engagdet today has a post called “My So-Called Laptop” in which their writers talk about their very first laptops. This made me think two things: 1. Most of their writers are very young, using Pentium class or higher bought within the last 10 years, and 2. I loved my first so-called laptop. I truly say […]

  • BootCamp 3.1 Update did NOT kill my MacBook!

    A coincidence of catastrophic (for me, for a week) proportions.

  • Boot Camp 3.1 Killed My MacBook!

    Yesterday was one of those days that was full of potential: Nothing on the schedule but a full day of coding and learning. Pure bliss. I got to work early, sat down with my dog at my feet and a hot cup of joe, and proceeded to get busy. But what’s this? Apple Software Update […]

  • Adventures in Upgrading Windows7 RC to RTM, Part 2

    wherein things get a little tricky…

  • Adventures in Upgrading my MacBook’s Windows7 Beta to RTM Version, Part 1

    My trials and tribulations upgrading from Windows7 beta to RTM on a Macbook Pro using Boot Camp.