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  • String.Format for Visual FoxPro

    [Originally Published in FoxRockX, September 2010] If you haven’t used C#’s String.Format() method, it’s a real treat. There’s nothing natively like it in VFP, but we can certainly roll our own equivalent. This will make our code easier to read and maintain. This article will show why you want to do that, and how to […]

  • November Geek Lunch Recap

    Thanks to everyone who braved some pretty bad weather to make it to today’s meeting. Here’s a recap of what happened: We started by talking about “Brownfield” development, including strategies for staying disciplined when time and budget are considerations. A great book was suggested: Working Effectively with Legacy Code.  One key strategy to making sure you […]

  • The type specified in the TypeName property of ObjectDataSource ‘xx’ could not be found.

    This one gets me every time, so I’m going to write it up in hopes that next time I search for it, I’ll find my own solution. Situation: You’ve created a datasource in your .Net app, and want to use it on your report (RDLC). You create the report, point to the new Dataset, drop […]

  • VFP apps on Android and iPhone?

    A few times lately I’ve been asked if we could have an Android or iPhone version of our custom Visual FoxPro application. Of course the quick answer is “No,” because there is not and never will be a mobile version of Visual FoxPro (though it probably runs on Windows CE, but ugh). I’ve spent some […]

  • March .Net Lunch Recap

    Another great .Net Lunch (or as I called it “Lunch of .Net”, a much briefer version of Day of .Net) just wrapped up. Here are some of the topics we talked about today: What’s new in VS 2010 SP1 (See below) Lance’s hot new Asus EEE Slate jwPlayer for embedding YouTube videos Fox Valley Day […]

  • 14 Things I Learned at FoxCon 2011

    Another great conference for Visual FoxPro Developers, although this one didn’t focus solely on Visual FoxPro. What did I learn there?

  • August .Net Lunch Notes

    Here are some notes I took from today’s .Net Lunch: Theme: VS2010 Add-Ins and Extensions. We started by talking about Add-Ins, Extensions, the difference between the two, the Extension Manager, the and Visual Studio Gallery, We then demonstrated a few of our favorite extensions. I started by talking about the Productivity Power Tools. Lance and […]

  • The Upgrade Trail from Visual FoxPro to Silverlight is Getting Blazed

    If you’re interested in upgrading to Silverlight, Southwest Fox Conference is the place to go.

  • Start seeing the Silverlight (a book review)

    If you’re starting to code in Silverlight, a great book like this one will get you on your way.

  • MadFox July 2010 Recap: It’s Like Jazz

    July’s MadFox meeting was like good jazz: we played around with a main theme throughout the night while continually improvising side solos on whatever caught our fancy at the time. We slowly built up to the main theme by reintroducing a theme from a previous meeting, Freshbooks. We discussed some of the features of Freshbooks […]