The Upgrade Trail from Visual FoxPro to Silverlight is Getting Blazed

Lately I’ve been promoting Silverlight as the most viable upgrade path for Visual FoxPro developers, and out our MadFox meetings we even have said “it should be possible to convert SCX and FRX files to XAML?” I mean, they’re both just data, right?  Sure one is in DBF format and the other is in XAML, but going back and forth should be straightforward.

Well I just listened to FoxShow Episode 63, and there is already a commercial tool underway that is going to do exactly that.

(If you want, go ahead and listen to that podcast…I’ll wait. You back? Pretty cool, huh?)

Uwe Habermann, who to my mind sounds like the bad guy in every James Bond movie, is going to be showing off this tool and doing a lot of other Silverlight stuff at the Southwest Fox Conference.  Here’s the point I really want to make: Even if your workplace has decided that FoxPro is passé and all new development must be done in .NET, you owe it to yourself (or they owe it to you) to get to Southwest Fox. There is no other conference where you’re going to learn so much about .NET from a FoxPro developer’s unique point-of-view.



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  1. Rick Schummer Avatar
    Rick Schummer

    Both Uwe Habermann and Venelina Jordanova will be discussing Silverlight with VFP during the conference, and the one day post-conference sessions.

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