Southwest Fox 2012 is Almost Here!

This is The major annual conference for Visual FoxPro developers, and something that we all look forward to every year. The best part about this conference is the socializing with longtime friends who have followed a similar career arc. The focus each year is becoming more and more about expanding our skills beyond Visual FoxPro.

One example is my session Fox on the Run from 2011. During this session I demonstrated how to view live Visual FoxPro data on a mobile device using a native application. While it started as FoxPro specific, it expanded into a discussion of web services, HTML5, JQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap – all in one session!

This year I’m expanding on that session by taking the application from read-only data to read-write data, which can be especially troublesome on mobile devices due to the erratic availability of the Internet signal. I’m really looking forward to presenting the problems and possible solutions around these issues this year.

Get Last Year’s WhitePaper Here
If you’re coming this year but weren’t there last year, or for whatever reason, here’s a copy of my whitepaper from last year’s Fox on the Run. I encourage you to read it before this year in order to catch up on the ideas.

The other session I’m doing is SSMS for Developers. I’ve done this session at a couple of SQL Saturdays and it’s been very well received. It’s not  an introduction to SQL Server, T-SQL Syntax, or even SSMS. It’s a tips session that shows ways developers can take advantage of features in SSMS to make their lives easier.

See you in Phoenix!



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