Tag: Visual FoxPro

  • Southwest Fox 2019 Recap

    I’m as surprised as anyone to be reading that headline. Yes, there’s still a conference devoted to Visual FoxPro in 2019, over a decade after Microsoft pronounced the product dead and almost 4 years since the very last shred of support from Microsoft has dissipated. Yet there we were, over 80 of us all gathered […]

  • Southwest Fox 2012 is Almost Here!

    This is The major annual conference for Visual FoxPro developers, and something that we all look forward to every year. The best part about this conference is the socializing with longtime friends who have followed a similar career arc. The focus each year is becoming more and more about expanding our skills beyond Visual FoxPro. […]

  • But What Do You *Do*?

    I’m often asked “What do you do?” Depdending on whose asking I’ll give an answer ranging from “I work with computers,” to “I design and implement custom solutions that help business operate more efficiently.” A common followup question is, “Can you design a website?” Well…yes, but that kid down the street can probably do what […]

  • The Panda and The Fox

    Be careful when you name your software after animals, as not all animals get along well. At first.

  • Results of In-Depth Testing of Visual Foxpro vs. Advantage Database Server

    I was able to spend quite a bit of time configuring a copy of Advantage Database Server (ADS), and then running a series of tests to compare its performance against native Visual Foxpro (VFP). For the ADS, I created a new database on the server and pointed it at a folder of VFP tables. I […]