March .Net Lunch Recap

Another great .Net Lunch (or as I called it “Lunch of .Net”, a much briefer version of Day of .Net) just wrapped up. Here are some of the topics we talked about today:

What’s new in VS 2010 SP1 (See below)
Lance’s hot new Asus EEE Slate
jwPlayer for embedding YouTube videos
Fox Valley Day of .Net Recap
Kinect Hacks
Chrome Extensions
SQL SERVER Analysis Server / Data Warehousing

What’s new in Visual Studio Service Pack 1?


Comprehensive set of bug fixes
Software tweaks
Feature additions

  • IntelliTrace support for 64-bit and SharePoint projects,
  • Improved Help Viewer
  • Integrated Silverlight 4 tooling
  • New VB Compiler runtime switch that allows VB developers to target their projects at platforms lacking the full Visual Basic Runtime.
  • Microsoft also added native code tweaks
  • New Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) APIs for Windows 7, addressing
  • Direct2D
  • DirectWrite
  • Windows Animation Technologies
  • Performance Wizard for Silverlight
  • Intellisense for HTML5, CSS3
  • Address responsiveness, stability and performance of Visual Studio 2010

Feature Packs for VS “Ultimate” version:

TFS-Project Server Integration Feature Pack

  • Enables teams to “work more effectively together using Visual Studio, Project, and SharePoint
  • Coordinate development
  • Collaboration among teams using different methodologies.

The Visual Studio Load Test Feature Pack

  • Lets developers stress test their applications using an unlimited number of virtual users, without requiring Visual Studio Load Test Virtual User Pack 2010 licenses


All developers are welcome to come out to the .Net lunch. As you can see we don’t just talk about .Net, but anything you might want to discuss in a very casual environment with great food.



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