3 Comments to “String.Format for Visual FoxPro”

  1. Matt Slay

    Nov 1st, 2016

    Eric – Very nice! I knew you had worked on this, and I’m creating some new reports that need various date formats, and this code made it super-easy to achieve what we wanted. Thanks.

  2. Matt Slay

    Nov 1st, 2016

    I added this guard code to the DateFormat method to handle nulls being passed:

    If IsNull(dtConvert)
    Return “”

  3. Eric

    Nov 3rd, 2016

    Hey I’m glad you like it Matt. This was the class I used as an example for Unit Testing at this year’s Southwest Fox 2016 conference, which exposed a lot more people to it.

    The (updated) class is available at https://github.com/eselje/FoxTypes. Send me a pull request for your change! 😉


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