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  • I am a Friend of Red Gate

    I do a fair bit of public speaking. Perhaps not as much as some people, but more than others. I really enjoy it though I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a lot of work and isn’t what puts food on the table. A trend that has arisen in my technical talks over the […]

  • Southwest Fox 2012 is History, but 2013 Announced

    Another Southwest Fox is in the bag, and let me tell you this conference is still going strong. We saw a lot of hands go up when they asked how many people were new this year, which was outstanding.  Folks are already starting to blog about their experiences, and Steve Bodnar from Geeks and Gurus […]

  • SQL Saturday #118 Recap

    I was pretty stoked when I heard about Madison hosting its first “SQL Saturday,” and even more so when I was chosen to speak! I have to admit that when I was told my session was chosen, I thought “They must be pretty desperate for speakers.”  More on that in a moment, but first I […]

  • Catching Up: I’m Speaking and Writing and Reviewing to start 2012

    It’s been way too long, so it’s time I caught everybody up on what’s been going on over here. As you might guess from the lack of posts I’ve been kinda busy, but that’s really no excuse. Last weekend I just got back from FoxCon 2012 in Toledo. This is a great regional conference for […]

  • November Geek Lunch Recap

    Thanks to everyone who braved some pretty bad weather to make it to today’s meeting. Here’s a recap of what happened: We started by talking about “Brownfield” development, including strategies for staying disciplined when time and budget are considerations. A great book was suggested: Working Effectively with Legacy Code.  One key strategy to making sure you […]

  • I’m Speaking at Southwest Fox 2011

    It occurs to me that I’ve neglected to blog about the fact that I’m speaking at Southwest Fox 2011. For those unfamiliar, Southwest Fox is the premiere Visual FoxPro Developer’s Conference. It’s at a fantastic resort in Gilbert (Phoenix suburb) AZ, and like all conferences the people are fantastic. I was invited to speak there […]

  • March .Net Lunch Recap

    Another great .Net Lunch (or as I called it “Lunch of .Net”, a much briefer version of Day of .Net) just wrapped up. Here are some of the topics we talked about today: What’s new in VS 2010 SP1 (See below) Lance’s hot new Asus EEE Slate jwPlayer for embedding YouTube videos Fox Valley Day […]

  • Thumb Drive Drive (Feedback Needed)

    What do you think of this idea? Collecting USB drives to distribute to people who need a place to keep their digital stuff.

  • Southwest Fox 2010 Recap

    Southwest Fox 2010 has come and gone. Here’s my take.

  • August .Net Lunch Notes

    Here are some notes I took from today’s .Net Lunch: Theme: VS2010 Add-Ins and Extensions. We started by talking about Add-Ins, Extensions, the difference between the two, the Extension Manager, the and Visual Studio Gallery, We then demonstrated a few of our favorite extensions. I started by talking about the Productivity Power Tools. Lance and […]