I am a Friend of Red Gate

I do a fair bit of public speaking. Perhaps not as much as some people, but more than others. I really enjoy it though I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a lot of work and isn’t what puts food on the table.

A trend that has arisen in my technical talks over the last few years about database-related topics such as the SSMS Tips and Tricks session I did at FoxPro user groups in Chicago and MadisonSQL Saturday in Madison as well as big conferences like Southwest Fox in Phoenix, AZ in 2012 as well as my current SQL Saturday topic of Unit Testing Databases that I’m doing at SQL Saturday in Madison on April 6, 2013, (and hopefully others) is that many of my talks wrap up with a phrase such as “…and everything I just showed you can be done much easier with a product from RedGate. It seems like you couldn’t swing a dead Concat() without hitting a Red Gate product.

This year for SQL Saturday #206, I extended a request to Red Gate to see if they would be interested in donating a SQL Test product license as a door prize to one of the attendees of my session in Madison. I was thrilled when I got not just a positive response, but a really friendly personalized email from Red Gate inquiring about what I was doing and what I had done in the past. I explained how I was just a little ‘ol self-employed developer who tried to persuade his clients to invest in Red Gate products when he could.

I was equally excited when Red Gate extended to me an offer to join their Friends of Red Gate program as a way of recognizing my advocacy of their product line. Heck, I would have continued to do it anyway but it was really really nice of them. It allows me to test out their products and demonstrate them to user groups and conferences without worrying about the 30 day trial license expiring, which is a relief. I would have continued to plug your products where it was apt anyway, and I’ll constructively criticize them if I must.

So “Thank You” Red Gate. Your acknowledgement of what speakers do for the community is much appreciated and makes it worthwhile. I’m happy to display this logo on my website.




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