What should our schools be teaching?

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Should schools allow unfettered access to the Internet?

March .NET Lunch Recap

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What happens at .NET Lunch should not stay at .NET Lunch. Here’s the lowdown…

February .NET Lunch Recap

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.NET certification tests

Who is this Day of Service supposed to benefit, anyway?

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Today was DaneNet’s IT Day of Service, a day which sees hordes of geeks invade area non-profits to help with their tech stuff, just the way Martin Luther King intended it. Well maybe not exactly, but the spirit of community service was definitely in play. My assignment was to help out with an Access database, […]

Day of Service coming on MLK Day

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Only one week till DANEnet’s annual Day of Service. We have a number of area non-profits requesting IT projects including database help, website design, network wiring and a lot more. Head to our website for more details and sign up as a volunteer. I’ll be assigning volunteers to projects this coming Friday so sign up […]

Season’s Greetings!

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Pictures 1 and 3 are from our trip to Seaside, FL in April. Picture 2 is our impromptu “gotta get a Christmas Card photo!” photo. Picture 4 is our dog Pickles (2) and Joey (6 mos.). Instant friends. Picture 5 is up the beach in Seagrove, FL Picture 6 is from the top of the […]

Clean the OTHER side of your screen

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Sure, you sometimes wipe the dust and fingerprints off the outside of your screen when it gets so bad that you can’t stand it anymore, but how much care do you give the inside? Bits of phosphor and light residue build up in there, causing up to a 15% reduction in screen brightness. Until now, […]

A Pause to Reflect

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While I’m still a little euphoric from a great Ultimate game today, I’d like to pause and reflect on the things for which I’m thankful.

Cable Pulling a Huge Success

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As reported, Monday we went over and pulled data cable at the new Urban League building on S. Park St.  Matt Eberly from DaneNet supervised a very large crew very efficiently, and by the end of the day my team pulled 50 cables into two large training rooms.  These training rooms will be used to […]

Urban League of Greater Madison Cable Pulling

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All employees of Salty Dog Solutions will suspend normal operations on Monday, October 5th, 2009, to participate in “Cable Pulling Day” for the new building of the Urban League of Greater Madison. Why? It is our belief that the Urban League creates opportunities in Madison for people who need them. They create hope where there […]