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  1. Eric

    May 5th, 2020

    Check out this beautiful comment from a fellow MadFoxer:

    These are difficult things to face, but consider that you created something beautiful that worked well. I had a similar thing with a DBMS I built for a number of counties before the days of windows – it worked well and was fast (all written in C with a C DB & ISAM lib). The state mandated changes and it was abandoned.

    I think you need to look not at what happens to your projects in ways you have no control over, but how true you held to your programming ideals in the creation. When you can say: ‘this is art and it also is functional’, then that’s good enough, especially when it is art (and art encompasses much more than the visible product). Everything is ephemeral and a lot of things fall prey to dumb luck and ignorance. Tip a pint to your creation every so often and reminisce with a glimmer in your eye…”

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