Virtual PC for VFP Developers, with Doug Hennig

I forewent Walt Krzysteks “Sql Server Tips and Tricks,” which Kokopelli recommended to attend Doug’s session.   I did this for two reasons: 1. Walt’s notes are very good, and 2. I wanted to try something that I didn’t know much about (I use VMWare), and didn’t think I’d need.

Of course you can never go wrong attending Doug’s session.  He demonstrated installing Virtual PC and then setting up various configurations of guest machines. The coolest thing was the “difference” disk, which allows you to “subclass” a new VM and only have the differences in the new VM.  Very, very slick.

My favorite part was the final section of the class, where Doug went through the practical uses of Virtual PC for you, the VFP developer. I’ll run them down here for you, but really, you should have been here.

  • Determine whether your installer will work (missing ActiveX controls, eg.)
  • Test performance using different hardware configurations. (Less memory, no network, regional settings)
  • Testing different operating systems (of course)
  • Testing different languages
  • Keeping your system clean
  • Beta testing
  • Training

Remember, each VM must be licensed properly!

New Virtual PCs,






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