VFPXTab is not multi-user friendly

If you use VFPXTab to calculate cross-tabs in VFP, you have to modify it to make it work properly in a  multi-user environment.

We have a client with West-Wind Web Connection on their server, and one of their dashboard widgets used a cross-tab of some data.  Periodically an error would get automatically emailed to us  indicating a “File In Use.”  Closer inspection of that error showed that it was trying to delete the temporary file named xtabtemp.dbf.

To fix this, simply add a property to the GenXTab class in vfpxtab.prg and initialize it to a random string:

cTempFile = FORCEEXT(SYS(2015),’dbf’)

Then replace all hardcoded instances of ‘xtabtemp’ with either (This.cTempFile) or (JUSTPATH(This.cTempFile)), depending on whether they want the alias or the full filename.  It’s a simple fix, and you should just do it now in case you compile an EXE that gets put out live in a multi-user situation sometime.






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