Top 10 Memories of Southwest Fox 2009

10. For an interesting, insider perspective you can read everyone’s twitter feeds during the event. You don’t need a twitter account to use this, and it only shows you the ones that where tagged with a ‘#swfox’ tag, which isn’t required and not everyone did on every post, but it’s insightful to say the least.  It also demonstrates the potential of Twitter, a technology I saw no good use for before this conference.

9. The number of attendees declined from last year, but it didn’t feel sparse at all and in fact I felt like it gave me the opportunity to interact with more people. During the final wrapup I was looking around the room and recognizing almost everyone by name.  The social aspect was great.

8. I was recognized by an attendee who last saw me in 1995 at the DevCon in San Diego. That was pretty cool. There was also quite a bit of “Oh, I’ve read your posts and it’s nice to put a face to the name.”

7.  This sticks out in my head: I was chatting with someone between sessions when I heard Craig Boyd walk up to another fellow and say “Hey, my name’s Craig Boyd and I don’t think we’ve met. Where ya from?”

6. I attended over 20 sessions, and it still didn’t feel like enough. I had to miss some good ones, and feel like I could have gone 2 more days.

5. There’s is so much to know.  Every session, even the ones where I felt like there couldn’t be any more to say about that topic, had a ton of good new information. I don’t understand how you could call yourself a FoxPro developer and not come to conferences, user or groups, or at least subscribe to FoxRockX.

4. Some people are certifiably genius, and we’re lucky to have them working with us.

3. VFPX continues to expand, and will keep FoxPro alive for many years to come. Need a snazzier interface? Better reporting? Check here first.

2. If Tamar, Rick, and Doug ever give up programming (god forbid), they’ve got a future in event planning. The whole conference seemed, from this attendee’s perspective, like a well-oiled machine.The facilities were top-notch, and the food was fabulous.  (I’m really gonna miss the food.  I think I’m going through bacon withdrawal today). The wifi was quick and flawless this year, and there were plenty of power outlets for laptops. There were also great vendors, giveaways, and a silent auction to raise money for the Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund.

1. Southwest Fox 2010 is announced. Support your product, join the community, get involved.






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