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  1. Craig Munson

    Apr 25th, 2019

    Well after 20+ years with SBT and no compatibility with newer operating systems and having to run SBT on a Windows XP virtual machine, we finally bit the bullet and changed to Sage Pro ERC (also discontinued but will run on Window 7,8 and 10).

    We hired a consultant Jay at https://www.ibc1.com/ who did the conversion seamlessly in one morning and afternoon. All data converted perfectly and now we are good to go for the next 20 years (hopefully)

    Thanks for all who posted suggestions

    Craig Munson
    Craig Medical Distribution

  2. Matthew Lefkowitz

    Apr 25th, 2019


  3. Jay Taylor

    Apr 1st, 2022

    With Quickbooks changing their model to subscription only. I’m seriously considering some other software. I remember SBT from back in the day and thought it might be an option. I don’t need any payroll / tax table updates. Does anyone still sell SBT? Anyplace to find a list of versions so I know what I’m working with? (I was one of the founding members of the Madison IBM PC Users Group, that’s dating myself…)

  4. Pascal Charbonneau

    Apr 2nd, 2022

    SBT is not sold anymore but we still have some versions we support/maintain at clients. We still have unused licenses for it I believe.

    We also resell AccountMate which is written in VFP9/SQL and is still being developed. Its actually the original guys from SBT who started that company. Source code is available for a price per module.

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