Practical Uses of GDI+X, with Doug Hennig

FoxPro developers, it’s time to step up our game. There is no excuse any more for apps to have that “FoxPro” look, using the pathetic pallete of controls that ship with VFP. With GDI+X, the collection of class libs that wrap the entire System.Drawing namespace in VFP, you now can do anything. Anything? After seeing some of the samples and the clever way that people like Bernard Bout, Cesar Chalom, and Doug have used it I think maybe yes, anything.

For a quick hit, see the “Themed Controls” on VFPX, and here are a couple of the other practical uses that Doug mentioned in this session:

  • Creating fully justified paragraphs in reports.
  • Creating “lightbox” effects to highlight areas of the screen.
  • Creating “glass buttons”
  • Using gradients to give our U/Is a much fresher look.

I’m going to spend some time with this library, perhaps trying to recreate my logo programmatically using GDI+X so I can get some experience. From there, I think many many other opportunities will present themselves.  One thing’s for sure…no more ugly interfaces.






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