MadFox Recap, June 2010

Here’s a recap of the June 2010 Madison Visual FoxPro User Group (MadFox) those who couldn’t make it to this month’s meeting:

1. We started by talking about Christof’s new project, FoxMock. Before we could really talk about FoxMock however, we had to review unit testing (via FoxUnit) and mock objects in general. Once we got that all figured out, we looked at FoxMock, and how we could create mocks in our FoxUnit tests to get them to pass even if we didn’t have everything finished in the object. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the scenarios in which mocks are useful, and what the advantages and disadvantages of other approaches are. We felt it would be especially useful in a team environment where another developer is responsible for parts of the class you want to test.

2. We next discussed a design pattern that would allow an application’s business logic to be user-definable and stored in a table that could then be executed ad-hoc. We looked at variations of EVAL() and the _VFP.() methods before realizing that simply writing the code out to a temporary .prg file and executing that .prg would be a simple way to accomplish what we wanted. I’d like to see C# do that!

3. After the meeting we had a lovely Mexican dinner at an Irish place. Mmmm….Guiness and burritos.

Next month’s meeting on July 20th back at Salty Dog World HQ. See ya then!







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