2 Comments to ““Function Sequence Error” in VFP Remote Views”

  1. Andy

    May 7th, 2012

    Isn’t there some way to get both side to agree on the max # of selected records, like a read() request – you know you’re done (or in trouble) when the request returns less the full number or zero?

  2. Steve

    May 7th, 2012

    Eric, that’s interesting – and I think we might have seen a different version of that error or a related error in production.

    When this application was put into production the record sets were very small. Over time, the remote view settings started causing us trouble on really big tables.

    I’m afraid I haven’t had to deal with this in a long time and I don’t remember all the details. I’ve been looking at the remote views using ViewEditor and the Fetch Size is 100, Max Records is -1 and “Fetch As Needed” is unchecked for all the views I’ve looked at – except the one that likely first returned the largest record set. For that one, Fetch Size is set to -1.

    My guess is ViewEditor’s “Fetch Size” is the same as “Number of Records to Fetch at a time”

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