FoxCharts, w/ Jim Nelson

Cesar Chalom has done a fantastic job w/ FoxCharts, and Jim Nelson just ran us through this tool, elucidating the myriad properties and methods that may seem overwhelming at first. As I was sitting there, I thought it’d be wonderful to have a tool which would let the developer visually design a chart, and lo and behold Jim pulled the “Visual Chart Designer” out of his hat. It’s not available yet on CodePlex, but those of us attending got it on the CD. Very cool tool.

I still have an idea in the back of my mind to add a .ToGoogleCharts() method to the FoxCharts object which would output the URL for Google Charts that would give the equivalent chart. It would take a lot of work to build the concordance, but it would be very useful for web apps that don’t want to pull a large blob over the wire.






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