The Grapes of Madison

Times are tough. Unemployment is high and people are getting laid off. 1929, Oklahoma? No! 2009, Madison!

BUT out of tough times comes the best art, and my neighbor Ben Reiser has created a film that makes the best out of his personal experience with unemployment. It’s called The Grapes of Madison.

Ben held a private screening for us a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it, and now it’s coming to the Wisconsin Film Festival. Tickets are actually sold out already, so for those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to get tickets let me tell you: this 40 minute film is thoroughly enjoyable. I’m hoping even people who don’t personally know stars Steve Tyska and my good friend Alberto Cordero will laugh at their ad libbed (most of the dialogue was unscripted) bon mots as much as I did. The Wisconsin Film Festival reviewers must: Steve Tyska won the inaugural Golden Badger for his performance!

So big congratulations to Ben and Katie, Alberto, Steve and Leane, Jon, Christina, Kelly and Matthew. Your creative process created a diamond from he coal that came out of that initial brainstorm / boozefest (though I still liked my idea better…call me Spielberg!). Here’s a preview:






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  1. Mark PHillips Avatar
    Mark PHillips

    Doctor!!! Be a doctor! Or a headhunter! Be a headhunter! Or a trumpet player….

    Fun to see you, Steve!

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