The Conundrum of the Clever Domain Name

I just got a reminder from my domain registrar that a name I registered is coming up for renewal. That name?
Does that look funny to you? Let me break it down: NaCl (Sodium Chloride, ie Salt) and K9 (Canine, Dog). Salt Dog. Salty Dog. Get it? Kinda cute, but maybe too clever by half.
Thus my conundrum… I like the domain name as it’s short and meaningful. It’s easier to say than (why don’t they make LLC a TLD???). I think it appeals to geekier set, but I don’t want to seem elitist (an unforgivable flaw in this benighted age). Should I start using it on a regular basis, or should I stick with the one I’ve been using?






5 responses to “The Conundrum of the Clever Domain Name”

  1. scott Avatar

    I got turned onto the site ( a while ago. Great for playing with names.

    Still can’t sort out a good one though…yet.

  2. Roger Avatar

    Perhaps too clever. I might forget as my chemistry goes south on occasion.

  3. Andy Avatar

    No, no – if anything, it’s too obvious. ‘course I’m not quite sure about the whole “Salty Dog” thing to start w/ … I knew a great bar by that name.

  4. Eric Avatar

    See…this is the conundrum (I may not have elucidated it clearly enough in my post.) Is it too clever? Too obvious? Should I just stick with or move to

  5. Eric Avatar

    That site is cool!

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