New (Old) Phone Number

What a way to start the new year. I managed to break not one but TWO Samsung Galaxy phones over the weekend. The glass on my S5 was becoming unglued so I bought a replacement kit on Amazon and tried replacing it. I have done this successfully on two phones already, so I liked my odds, but this time I managed to completely destroy the entire phone. I mean completely. Tore up the LED screen and everything.
So I found my son’s old Galaxy S4. This is one of the phones I’d successfully replaced the glass on last year, but he subsequently replaced with an LG G3 (which he loves, by the way). I put my old SIM in the phone and everything worked except… it didn’t make calls or texts. I took it down to the U.S. Cellular store and they finished setting it up and then it worked…for about 10 minutes until I dropped, it shattering the glass. Ugh!
So I’m going to try to get by for a while without an “actual” smartphone and see how it goes. I’ve had a Google Voice number for years that I never really took advantage of, but now it’s time to press it into action!
If you need to get a hold of me via phone, call or text me at 708-462-2559. That’s 708-4 NaClK9 (Salty Dog). Let’s see how this goes.






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