March .NET Lunch Recap

7 people attended the March 10th .NET Lunch meeting.

I started by posing the question, “How does one trap keystrokes in a web app?” What I’d like to do is similar to what GMail does, where by hitting the right key you can fire certain events on the page. Lance knew of a jQuery library that does this, though he couldn’t put his finger on it at the moment. Perhaps you know and will comment on it?

Because my laptop had recently died (though has subsequently been revived), we talked about what features we should consider in a new laptop for developers. It was posited that the Intel i7 chip was the way to go if feasible, and not to worry that the quad cores would suck down battery life because Windows would manage those cores optimally. A very nice feature to have now is an SSD as your boot drive, as Windows7 really screams in that config. Also, make sure the motherboard has “hardware virtualization” to really speed up those myriad virtual disks you use for sandboxes.

Lance was then kind enough to recount yesterday’s MSDN event in Waukesha, which introduced all the great new features for developers in Visual Studio 2010. He even had Dave Bost’s slides that we could follow. Some of the highlights (and I’m sorry I didn’t write them all down) include the ability for VS2010 to create your class definitions for you retroactively after you’ve written code that uses the class, smarter Intellisense (including built-in Intellisense for jQuery), and a “Visual Studio Gallery” that is to VS Extensions what the Apples app store is to iPhone apps.

It was recommended that you check out the Visual Studio Tips and Tricks blog for some very cool tips (and tricks).

Congrats to Gary and Jeff for winning the books! Hopefully we’ll see you next month, April 14th, at Alt-n-Bach’s for the next .NET lunch.






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