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  • Clean the OTHER side of your screen

    Sure, you sometimes wipe the dust and fingerprints off the outside of your screen when it gets so bad that you can’t stand it anymore, but how much care do you give the inside? Bits of phosphor and light residue build up in there, causing up to a 15% reduction in screen brightness. Until now, […]

  • Client Appreciation Pig Roast 2009 – Recap

    I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but this was by far the best pig roast ever. The entire neighborhood pitched in to help, the pig was absolutely perfectly done, the weather was perfect, the Badgers won… in the words of Dylan, “It’s all good.” We counted 175 guests, including clients, family, friends, neighbors, […]

  • Client Appreciation Pig Roast 2009

    It’s back and better than ever! Our 3rd somewhat annual pig roast is on for Sept 26th! The pig will be slooww roasting all night long, and ready about 1pm, but come earlier or later or however you can fit it into your day. We’ll have a keg of Oktoberfest and probably some weak Lite […]