What should our schools be teaching?

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Should schools allow unfettered access to the Internet?

The Conundrum of the Clever Domain Name

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Is my secondary domain just a little to clever to get the first chair?

Sybase Advantage Database Server @ MPCUG

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Last night Jay and Chris from Sybase took a detour after their presentation at Chicago’s FoxPro User/Developer’s Group to come up to Madison to give a presentation to the Madison FoxPro Users Group.

Lunchtime .NET User Group

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Lunchtime .NET user group forming in Madison, WI


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When I signed up for MadCamp09 I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard about BarCamps, the somewhat chaotic geek nirvana day where ad hoc meetings discuss various topics, so I assumed this would be similar. There was coffee, always a good sign, and I was drawn to the possibility of winning a […]


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This is a test post from my iPhone.

Google Analytics Working

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We’ve setup “Google Analytics” on our site, which gives us a variety of reports.  One of the more interesting ones is the “Traffic Sources” report, which tells you where your visitors came from.  This is very useful in marketing, as it lets you know which of your marketing plans generates results.  For example, yesterday we […]