Catching Up: I’m Speaking and Writing and Reviewing to start 2012

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It’s been way too long, so it’s time I caught everybody up on what’s been going on over here. As you might guess from the lack of posts I’ve been kinda busy, but that’s really no excuse. Last weekend I just got back from FoxCon 2012 in Toledo. This is a great regional conference for […]

November Geek Lunch Recap

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Thanks to everyone who braved some pretty bad weather to make it to today’s meeting. Here’s a recap of what happened: We started by talking about “Brownfield” development, including strategies for staying disciplined when time and budget are considerations. A great book was suggested:¬†Working Effectively with Legacy Code. ¬†One key strategy to making sure you […]

I’m Speaking at Southwest Fox 2011

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It occurs to me that I’ve neglected to blog about the fact that I’m speaking at Southwest Fox 2011. For those unfamiliar, Southwest Fox is the premiere Visual FoxPro Developer’s Conference. It’s at a fantastic resort in Gilbert (Phoenix suburb) AZ, and like all conferences the people are fantastic. I was invited to speak there […]

The type specified in the TypeName property of ObjectDataSource ‘xx’ could not be found.

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This one gets me every time, so I’m going to write it up in hopes that next time I search for it, I’ll find my own solution. Situation: You’ve created a datasource in your .Net app, and want to use it on your report (RDLC). You create the report, point to the new Dataset, drop […]

Salty Dog Solutions, LLC Merges with Geeks and Gurus, Inc.

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(Today, I sent this letter to my clients) I am very excited to tell you that Salty Dog Solutions, LLC, is being acquired by Geeks and Gurus, Inc.. Before you panic, let me assure you that from your perspective nothing will change except the name. I will still be the person you call when you […]

Salty Dog Solutions is out of Beta, into the Cloud

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It Starts as a Fish Tale In accordance with good Feng Shui, and just because I like to have it around, there is a small aquarium in the corner of my office. I set it up when I started Salty Dog Solutions in 2008 and its first tenant was a beautiful red and blue Betta […]

VFP apps on Android and iPhone?

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A few times lately I’ve been asked if we could have an Android or iPhone version of our custom Visual FoxPro application. Of course the quick answer is “No,” because there is not and never will be a mobile version of Visual FoxPro (though it probably runs on Windows CE, but ugh). I’ve spent some […]

March .Net Lunch Recap

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Another great .Net Lunch (or as I called it “Lunch of .Net”, a much briefer version of Day of .Net) just wrapped up. Here are some of the topics we talked about today: What’s new in VS 2010 SP1 (See below) Lance’s hot new Asus EEE Slate jwPlayer for embedding YouTube videos Fox Valley Day […]

Add it Up

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This is another in my ongoing series of posts called “Hey dummy, you figured this out once so write it down in case you ever need it again.” Have you ever needed to sum up a column in an HTML table using JavaScript? Now how about only summing the column if another column in that […]

14 Things I Learned at FoxCon 2011

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Another great conference for Visual FoxPro Developers, although this one didn’t focus solely on Visual FoxPro. What did I learn there?