MadFox July 2010 Recap: It’s Like Jazz

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July’s MadFox meeting was like good jazz: we played around with a main theme throughout the night while continually improvising side solos on whatever caught our fancy at the time. We slowly built up to the main theme by reintroducing a theme from a previous meeting, Freshbooks. We discussed some of the features of Freshbooks […]

MadFox Recap, June 2010

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MadFox June 2010 Recap, in which we talk FoxMock and mock FoxTalk (not really)!

The Panda and The Fox

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Be careful when you name your software after animals, as not all animals get along well. At first.

On VFP and MySql ConnectionStrings

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I’ve begun doing some preliminary data warehousing of VFP data into MySql in order to test the speed, similar to what I did a few posts back with Advantage Database Server. Since MySql can’t just use VFP tables the way Advantage can, I created a script to manually load the already extracted and transformed data […]

Results of In-Depth Testing of Visual Foxpro vs. Advantage Database Server

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I was able to spend quite a bit of time configuring a copy of Advantage Database Server (ADS), and then running a series of tests to compare its performance against native Visual Foxpro (VFP). For the ADS, I created a new database on the server and pointed it at a folder of VFP tables. I […]

Sybase Advantage Database Server @ MPCUG

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Last night Jay and Chris from Sybase took a detour after their presentation at Chicago’s FoxPro User/Developer’s Group to come up to Madison to give a presentation to the Madison FoxPro Users Group.

Top 10 Memories of Southwest Fox 2009

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10. For an interesting, insider perspective you can read everyone’s twitter feeds during the event. You don’t need a twitter account to use this, and it only shows you the ones that where tagged with a ‘#swfox’ tag, which isn’t required and not everyone did on every post, but it’s insightful to say the least.  […]

For Each … FoxObject

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Here’s a tip taken from Tamar’s session: Prior to VFP 9, enumerating through a collection object rendered COM objects which were…problematic.  In VFP9, Microsoft apparently introduced a FOXOBJECT keyword which will not make it a COM object, but rather a native VFP object.  This speeds things up tremendously, improves memory and stability, and reduces overhead.  […]

Getting Your Head Around Business Objects, with Tamar Granor

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I chose this session with very low expectations.  After all, I had been using business objects pretty religiously for quite a while and consider myself adept at their usage. I get really annoyed when I encounter an app whose business logic is embedded in the U/I, but I try to make my clients understand that […]

What’s Guineu?

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Well, it’s Catalan for Fox, but that’s not really your question is it? It’s also a slick runtime that allows you to run most VFP apps in a .NET runtime.  Wha? Yes. And that means you can run VFP apps on Windows Mobile or Linux or of course Windows.   It’s a commercial product by Christof […]