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  1. Doug Hennig

    Mar 5th, 2014

    Actually, SBT (renamed to Sage Pro after it was purchased by Accpac International which was later acquired by Sage) was rewritten in VFP and was only recently (this year) discontinued by Sage. There are still lots of Sage Pro customers and resellers, most of whom are being transitioned to other Sage products,

  2. Craig Munson

    Feb 15th, 2016

    Wow. found your article regarding SBT running from 1990. We have been using the old DOS based SBT accounting modules since 1991. All our forms and accounting databases are on it and it still works flawlessly except customer statement aging of invoices which stopped working correctly after midnight 12/31/1999 (SBT never realized there would be a year 200o I guess.

    Anyway we have to run it either on an XP machine or a XP virtual machine within Window 7. Our tech guy keeps telling us to trash SBT and go to a windows based accounting program as certain doom lurks for dos based programs in the future.

    My question..Is there a windows based accounting software that will recognize and easily import all my SBT database files? OR is there a Windows version of Sage software or SBT that will do this



  3. Eric Selje

    Feb 17th, 2016

    Craig, here’s are some suggestions from the MadFox User Group:

    – There is an upgrade path to ACCPAC Pro Series, built on VFP. It even supports SQL/Native DB

    – Found this just searching for SBT Accounting. This is a consulting firm offering a known conversion path. I do not vouch for them.

    Notice to Businesses Currently Operating VisionPoint Software

    As you may already know, Sage Software no longer supports the ACCPAC (SBT) VisionPoint product. The decision to no longer support the SBT VisionPoint software was unfortunately made by Sage in 2007. If you are currently using VisionPoint, and would like to know about your options regarding migrating to a different financial accounting software system, please call (727) 421-7314 to speak with Eleanor Mullaney.

    – I believe SBT also had a windows version. It is written in VFP. Should be fixable. Suby, Von Haden & Associates used to use it and support it.

  4. Michelle Liu

    Mar 11th, 2016

    @Craig: The company I work for is still using SBT as well, but we’re able to directly access the DBF files and get them into CSV/SQL format if we need to do external manipulation (e.g. update web MySQL database with updated inventory etc). I run an automated script that gets the latest CSV version of the database files of interest and update our MySQL database with that information, so that our accounting software and our web database can be in sync.

    DBFmanager does a pretty good job of viewing/editing the DBF files directly (http://dbfviewer.com/), but there is also a free Python DBFreader module (http://dbfread.readthedocs.org/en/latest/) allows you to easily convert the DBF database files that SBT uses into CSV or SQL, which can then be inserted into other SQL databases, or MySQL etc. So it should be pretty easy to transfer the existing database files over to another system.

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