Salty Dog Solutions, LLC Merges with Geeks and Gurus, Inc.

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(Today, I sent this letter to my clients) I am very excited to tell you that Salty Dog Solutions, LLC, is being acquired by Geeks and Gurus, Inc.. Before you panic, let me assure you that from your perspective nothing will change except the name. I will still be the person you call when you […]

Add it Up

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This is another in my ongoing series of posts called “Hey dummy, you figured this out once so write it down in case you ever need it again.” Have you ever needed to sum up a column in an HTML table using JavaScript? Now how about only summing the column if another column in that […]

Southwest Fox 2010 Recap

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Southwest Fox 2010 has come and gone. Here’s my take.

The Upgrade Trail from Visual FoxPro to Silverlight is Getting Blazed

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If you’re interested in upgrading to Silverlight, Southwest Fox Conference is the place to go.

MadFox July 2010 Recap: It’s Like Jazz

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July’s MadFox meeting was like good jazz: we played around with a main theme throughout the night while continually improvising side solos on whatever caught our fancy at the time. We slowly built up to the main theme by reintroducing a theme from a previous meeting, Freshbooks. We discussed some of the features of Freshbooks […]

Working Around Microsoft’s ReportViewer #Error Bug

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How I worked around a Microsoft reporting bug.

My So-Called Laptop

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Engagdet today has a post called “My So-Called Laptop” in which their writers talk about their very first laptops. This made me think two things: 1. Most of their writers are very young, using Pentium class or higher bought within the last 10 years, and 2. I loved my first so-called laptop. I truly say […]

What should our schools be teaching?

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Should schools allow unfettered access to the Internet?

The Grapes of Madison

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From tough times comes the best art.

Why is Outlook 2007 Slow?

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What was causing Outlook to start slowly? Business Contact Manager looks like the culprit.